I’m kind of a nerd. OK, I’m more than “kind of” a nerd. So when I am sent samples of skincare that has interesting derm research behind it, I’m intrigued.

The DNAEGF Renewal Skincare Line is a fantastic two-punch system to treat the causes of age and UV related skin damage. First, it uses marine and botanical enzymes. Since the DNA starts to lose the ability to repair itself at a pretty young age, these enzymes help skin cells to recognize damaged DNA and eliminate it – just like your skin did in younger days.

Secondarily, the DNAEGF line contains Epidermal Growth Factor grown in Barley plants, which are grown in pumice stones with Icelandic water (sounds very spa-like). This peptide works to give your skin’s natural healing system a little boost. Put together, the two components optimize the way your skin reacts to the effects of sun and time.

The cleanser is a little powerhouse. It is both a masterful cleanser and exceedingly gentle. When I was sick for a week, it was the only cleanser that didn’t sting my raw skin. It is especially good for taking off all makeup cleanly, including eye makeup, without scrubbing. Like Dr. LeWinn by Kinerase HydraBalance Foaming Cleanser, it’s a soft feeling foam – it doesn’t feel like you are overcleansing, it’s just a gentle, soothing foam. Which makes it impressive that it contains a glycolic complex to sweep away dead cells and brighten up your complexion, without irritation.

The DNA Night Renewal Cream is fantastic. The silky formula absorbs well and makes skin soooo soft – you’ll have a hard time keeping your hands off your skin. I love how lightweight it is – many night creams are thick and sticky, but Night Renewal glides on skin and leaves it smooth, soft, and feeling practically product-free. If the line’s SPF is as lightweight of a feel, then I’m sold on that too!

Since it is doesn’t countain fragrance, both products would be great for guys – nothing sticky or heavy to deter him from using it again. It’s also paraban and sulfate free.

I really like using the DNAEGF Renewal line at the gym – the cleanser is amazing both before and after workout. Beforehand, it cleans all makeup off your skin easily, so you aren’t walking out of the locker room with a scrubbed red face. Afterwards, it gently cleanses away your workout. DNA Night Renewal is a nice light base moisturizer to use after a workout – doesn’t trap heat and doesn’t feel sticky even on the most humid days.

Dr. Moy’s DNAEGF Renewal Skincare line is pretty intriguing. Find the whole line at dnaegfrenewal.com.

DNA EGF Renewal Foaming Cleanser

DNA EGF Renewal Foaming Cleanser

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