Was your favorite Clinique product discontinued and now you can’t find it anywhere? Call 1-800-216-7173 and they can help you find it.

If it was recently discontinued, check their website to see if it is on the Last Chance section


Hey folks – we get a ton of visitors to this page looking for their long-lost Clinique product – if you have tried the phone number above and the Last Call section of Clinique’s website, you may want to post a comment below. I can’t tell you how many times another Style Chicks reader knows where to find a discontinued product! 

Since we are a review and news site, we don’t carry any Clinique stock or sell any products.

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  1. Looking for #22 Charcoal Brown pencil.

  2. Hi. I’m looking for Superbalanced Powder – Natural 8.

  3. Looking for Clinique Grape Iris lipstick.

  4. I am looking to purchase Clinique peacock color eyeshadow which has been discontinued. Would you please tell me how I can still purchase this item?

  5. I am looking for spring wedding eye shadow.
    Thank you.

  6. Looking for Clinique black honey lip gloss

  7. looking for clinique repairwear anti aging make up in sand

  8. Looking for Clinique Colour Surge Double Date eyeshadow.

  9. I LOVED the Superfit makeup, but it is discontinued…that said, I found a pretty good price on Ebay and bought two…Ebay is a great site for these kind of things.

  10. looking for purple cake eyeliner love it

  11. looking for clinique dewy smooth anti aging makup 07 just neutral

  12. Looking for Clinique Blackened Taupe Kohl eyeliner pencil with sharpener in the lid, but not for 50!

  13. I exhausted looking for Clinique Dewy Smooth foundation in Sweet Beige!

  14. also looking for dewy smooth anti aging makeup in beige petal

  15. Looking for Clinique Dewy Smooth anti-aging make-up in 05 Beige Petal.

  16. Dreaming of having #25 Pewter eye pencil back.

  17. I’ve been looking for 3 of my favorite lipsticks without any luck : Poppy Love Butter Shine, Blushing Coral and Gilded Pink Color Surge!

  18. Im looking for clinique lipgloss in cabana pink.

  19. looking for Clinique City Base Foundation in almond beige

  20. looking for Clinique Quick Blush in Minute Mocha. thanks.

  21. looking for an eyeshadow from clinique I wore over ten years ago. I believe it was called stardust? it was a duo one was a light cream color and the other sort of a light brick or copper color that was sparkly. if anyone can help please? ??

  22. I am looking for #22 charcoal brown pencil. I have been looking for a long time and even in small “out of the way” stores….praying, I would find it there. This is a wonderful product and wish it would be brought back in the line.

  23. Approx 25 years ago I used to use Extra Help, Ivory Beige Foundation, It was discontinued and was replaced by another foundation but I did not find it as effective, I have been finding it difficult since then to find a product as good. Please would you consider bringing it back.

  24. Would love to find a bottle of Clinique dewy smooth anti-aging make up. Don’t have much hope but…….

  25. I am looking for clinique discontinued quickliner in color indigo. Please Email me with any results.
    Thank you.

  26. Looking for cabana crush lip gloss

  27. I’m looking for Clinique dewy smooth natural warmth foundation.

  28. Looking for Clinique red drama lipstick. Think it was long lasting. Help!!!

  29. Whete can I find meadow flower honey and honey raisin lipgloss.

  30. Looking for Clinique Bronze Kiss – just a glitterless bronzer that I’ve used for years!! This is a 911!!!!!

  31. Hi, I’m looking for clinique repairwear anti aging – vanilla colour.

  32. looking for Clinique long lasting lipstick in Glow Bronze. Is it anywhere?

  33. I am looking for Long Last Soft Shine lipstick in Amberglass.

  34. I have been looking for Supermoisture Foundation -LINEN ALSO Dewey Smooth…BRING IT BACK!!!

  35. Looking for clinique gel blush in honeyed red

  36. Looking for Clinique Quickliner #34 Warm Raisin. I’ve used it for years and all of a sudden, it’s gone! Help…

  37. Looking for Clinique 02 Beige Velvet Eyeshadow – My favorite!

  38. I am looking for discontinued Clinique Butter Shine lipstick in Rum Kiss. Please let me know where I can find it. Thanks.

  39. Looking for Different Lipstick sheer Drench No 53 Glazed Rose

  40. Looking for chocolate ice lipstick

  41. I am looking for Clinique Long Last Lipstick in Amber Glass.

  42. Hi… I am looking for Clinique lipstick in coffee bean.

  43. Looking for the Black Honey Blush. Any ideas?? Thanks!

  44. I am looking for Clinique Supermoisture Makeup (foundation) in Fair/03. I found it on Amazon for $74.64. Regular price was around $26. Do you know of any other source? I love this foundation!!

  45. I would love to find CLINIQUE HONEY GLOSS LIPSTICK. ITSV BEEN DISCONTINUED a long time. Thanks.

  46. Looking for the eyeshadow Double Date

  47. I’m looking for soft finish make up in soft cream 02 shade made by clinique

  48. Looking for Glow Bronze lipstick AND Black Amber lip liner.

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