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I was thinking earlier in the week that I should get a Vitamin C serum to tackle some stubborn, lingering post-acne redness when I was sent Betanature Supplements Vitamin C Serum 20% with Hyaluronic Acid for review. It also contains Witch Hazel and Aloe Vera, which are great natural astringent and soothing ingredients respectively.

Post Acnegenic Redness:

It’s fantastic for the redness/hyperpigmentation that remains after the blemish is gone – it reduced the redness by about 50% within two days and gave my skin an overall slightly more even tone. That is fast for a product to work on redness, but my skin is fair enough that it is pretty easy to see when a product starts working on hyperpigmentation. As time goes on I’m noticing a gradual lightening.

Active Acne:

I was ready to call my derm for a cortisone shot on these two pimples that cropped up right next to each other on my cheek, forming a heart shape. (Side note: a bright red heart face-painted on a five year old, adorable. A bright red heart formed from two painful pimples on an adult professional woman, not in any way, shape, or form adorable.) Then I noticed that the blemishes were rapidly reducing in size and finally separated into two distinct pimples – all in the course of about eight hours. After a few days they are almost flat and definitely coverable by concealer until the redness fades.

I probably should have known that this serum would have reduced the blemishes. Hyaluronic Acid (as well as the Aloe) keeps the skin from drying out. The problem with a lot of acne products is that they dry out the top layers of skin and form a scab, but the scab prevents the active ingredient from penetrating any further into the pimple, so you are left with a reduced but not eradicated bump. Hyaluronic Acid keeps the top layers of skin from drying out, so the active ingredients can continue to penetrate deep into the pimple until it is gone. And it is far easier to conceal a pimple that isn’t dry on top – concealer needs a smooth surface to cover.

Eye Area:

The Hyaluronic Acid keeps my skin calm and supple, and plumped out my burgeoning crows feet. The ability to use it around the eyes is significant as 20% is a high amount of Vitamin C to be using on the delicate eye area, but really effective if the skin can tolerate it. Thanks to the soothing nature of Hyaluronic Acid as well as Aloe Vera, my eye area tolerated the Vitamin C well, and it left a perfectly smooth base to apply makeup the next day.

It’s also really amazing on hands – after application my nails looked healthy, smooth, and buffed.

As with most serums, be sure to apply with a light hand as it takes a bit to absorb, but once it absorbs there is no sticky reside.

I’m really happy to have found a really powerful and effective Vitamin C serum with powerful, effective, and natural ingredients that are clearly identifiable.

Find Betanature Supplements Vitamin C Serum 20% with Hyaluronic Acid at Amazon at


Betanature Supplements Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

Betanature Supplements Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid



I received this product at a discount for my unbiased review.

Elba Naturals n.1 Face & Eye Advanced Firming Creme is packed with natural, quality ingredients. Notable to Elba Naturals n.1 Face & Eye Advanced Firming Creme is a nice pairing of many moisturizing and soothing natural ingredients combined with several powerful anti-aging ingredients. I think the number of quality soothing moisturizers allows the powerful treatment ingredients to do a good job on areas of aging without drying out the appearance of the skin, which is a difficult balance to achieve.

It contains several beauty treatment “power houses” like Glycolic Acid (a powerful peel perfect for aging skin that gently restores that youthful pink glow and can be done regularly), Vitamin C (wonderful for hyper pigmentation), and Peptides. And as you know if you read Style Chicks on any kind of regular basis, I am a huge fan of Hyaluronic Acid, and in this cream it does an amazing job at holding moisture and making skin plump and youthful. These are all great ingredients for aging skin or skin that is lackluster.


Known go-to moisturizing agents like Aloe, Coconut Oil, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba, and soothing agents like Anthemis Nobilis (Chamomile), and natural remedies like Wildcrafter Arnica Montana (natural remedy commonly used for bruising and swelling). I noticed that the puffiness under my eyes went down after using it for just a couple of days. I love when a product gives fast results!

It feels very moisturizing without feeling greasy. This is a nice perk for day time use to be able to apply it under makeup and have the benefit of glycolic acid to make skin have a natural youthful luster, and hyaluronic acid to plump and seem dewy. Nice to apply to problem areas like eyes, the “eleven” lines between my eyebrows, and the lines between my nose and mouth. My lips are also chronically flaking and dry so patting a small amount of my lips makes them dewy and moist under my lip stain or lipstick. The combination of soothing ingredients and glycolic acid means that your eyes and lips won’t get irritated when they work to sack your little wrinkles.

Another thing that I find exciting about Elba Naturals n.1 Face & Eye Advanced Firming Creme is that it took down a couple of painful blemishes overnight, enough that I could successfully cover them. I had two proximate pimples and a whitehead that seemed to merge into one perfect storm of a pimple yesterday. After using the cream overnight, the whitehead was hard to find in a normal strength mirror, the two pimples were distinct, one was nearly flat and the other was reduced by 75%. Pretty impressive. This is probably due to the glycolic acid paired with the hyaluronic acid: the first took the blemish down, the second kept the pores open so the glycolic could keep penetrating.


This product said it was also good for hands, which I was very excited to try.

I have ALWAYS worn sunscreen on my face and neck since I was a teen, so my face does not really belie my age, but my hands do: I never bothered to wear any protective sunscreen on my hands and it shows. Many of the products designed for anti-aging hands are more expensive than eye creams.

While most products such as trusty coconut oil can give my hands a temporary younger and smoother look, it does not last for more than a few hours. The combo of moisturizing ingredients with treatment ingredients make for a good combo for hands that look younger all day and address wrinkly knuckles, dark areas, and really dry cuticles. I mostly just applied it to cuticles, knuckles, finger webs, and areas of obvious aging or dry skin. It really makes a difference: my cuticles cleaned up quickly and evenly – and I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to at-home cuticle clean up.

In fact, on Monday I was attempting to get some picture of an amazing vintage ruby ring of mine for Style Chick’s Instagram, but decided to scut the pictures because my hand looked so dry and wrinkly (happens every winter, even with regular glove usage.) The ring looked amazing – the hand did not. But after a night with Elba Naturals n.1 Face & Eye Advanced Firming Creme on my hands, I’m ruby ring close up ready!

I will definitely continue to use Elba Naturals n.1 Face & Eye Advanced Firming Creme!

Find Elba Naturals n.1 Face & Eye Advanced Firming Creme at Amazon.

Elba Naturals n.1 Face & Eye Advanced Firming Creme

Elba Naturals n.1 Face & Eye Advanced Firming Creme


I received this product for free in exchange for my unbiased opinion and review.

I was recently sent the Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror for review. It comes with a razor holder, a hook with a sticky adhesive side to hold the mirror and the mirror itself.  At first I was disappointed that the mirror was not a heavier glass mirror, but the reflection is actually very clear and crisp. Legitimately, it is better to not have an actual heavy glass in the shower, especially considering the fact that I’m a bit clumsy in the morning (well, all day, but especially the morning) and I can see myself reaching for my shampoo and knocking a heavy glass mirror and it shattering on the floor, which would really not be good.  The adhesion is excellent, once it is placed on the surface, I don’t think this is going anywhere even when exposed to moisture (but apply it when the shower surface is dry when installing). This is superior to so many of the shower mirrors out there that just have a suction cup to adhere it to the wall. And it took less than a minute to set up, which is a lot better than shower mirrors that install with hardware!
FOR THE GUYS:  The benefit of a fogless mirror in the shower for the guys is obvious to be able to shave in the shower for both convenience/speed and to take advantage of opening the pores and softening the hair shaft for a nice, close, smooth shave, and it keeps the sink clean from shaving cream and shaved off hair clean-up.  It is also nice to have a razor that becomes warm and hydrated in the shower and can air-dry on its holder and stay clean, sanitary, and rust-free.
FOR THE LADIES:   Some benefits of a fogless shower mirror for the ladies are being able to tweeze eyebrows or any unwanted facial hairs while the follicles are steamed and opened, making tweezing easier, to be able to see your face during any product applications such as facial masks or scrubs, to check thoroughly for unwanted armpit hair that needs to be shaved, and my personal favorite, using it with my Clarisonic skin care brush. Since the Clarisonic can be used in the shower, I like to be able to see that I am using it evenly and assess areas with blackheads that could use another once over.
Now here is my favorite part: from the point of turning off the water in the shower, as a rule of thumb, one has three minutes to capture that optimal window of applying moisturizer to skin before skin starts drying out, so I like to apply my face moisturizer before I step out of the shower and having a fogless mirror in the shower is a nice way to do that.
The Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror is a great choice as a shower mirror as it stays clear and fog-free, is shatterproof, and strongly adheres to the shower wall. I’m really glad I to have tried it!
Find it at
Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

After steaming my pores open with some fresh Eucalyptus under the shower stream, I took my trusty Clarisonic to my face in the clear view of the Cassani Fogless Shower Mirror

Disclosure: I was sent this product for free in exchange for my unbiased opinion.

Topganic Professional Collection Style & Go Moisturizing Cream Keratin Protein Intensive Repair

I was excited to try the Topganic Styling line because it is packed with such good ingredients AND I have been looking for a quality cream-based styling agent for the harsh, cold winter months when hair can get especially frizzy and dry. My goal was to find something conditioning that doesn’t leave hair waxy or dull or give the appearance of an old-lady “set” to hair but still provides structure. Topganic Style & Go does a great job on all these requirements. STYLE & GO MOISTURIZING CREAM WITH BRAZILIAN NUT OIL WITH KERATIN PROTEIN INTENSIVE REPAIR

STYLING GOAL: I was going for a soft, loose, smooth wave done with a big round brush and my CHI Hairdryer. My hair is not naturally smooth and quickly loses a curl without at least a medium hold product, yet I wanted it to remain touchable so my goal was limited-to-no hairspray. I also wanted a smooth, well-conditioned look that has some hold and structure to the wave but still remains a healthy, shiny and not a “waxy” or stiff look. Topganic Style & Go works very well for this purpose. I think it would also work well for a nice sleek straight blowout style.

FEATURES: This has several conditioning ingredients and nutrients great for getting hair into strong shape while providing styling. Some ingredients include Brazilian Nut Oil, Keratin Protein repair and several conditioning and moisturizing ingredients for hair and scalp including minerals that are great for hair like Selenium (excellent for the scalp) and Zinc to prevent hair shedding (great if you are suffering hair loss.) Other conditioning properties include Shea Butter, and for moisture omega 6 & 9 fatty acids. It is suitable for everyday use. This product really focuses on scalp health, an important foundation for healthy hair.

SCENT: This features Brazilian Nut oil, which smells wonderful but it definitely scented even after it is dry in your hair, so it is not necessarily suitable for a scent-free office. But it is a very lovely scent. Note this is not an Ojon nut type of intense scent, it could compliment any fragrance you are wearing, but it is strong enough (in my opinion) to compete with conflicting scents such as florals or single note scents. The scent may have seemed too strong to me because I probably used too much, as discussed below.

APPLICATION/USE: The Instructions say “apply as much as needed” and I applied too much. The consistency is more like a lightweight conditioner, but it is a very concentrated formulation, more like a thick cream. A small amount will do the trick – for my past bra-strap length hair I probably would use a few pumps for a collective size of quarter or so per “side” of my hair, a little extra on the dry ends. Evenly comb through. Dry and style as usual. I didn’t use hair spray but it would not be too much product if one wanted to do so.

VERDICT: I really loved the “bounce” factor of my hair, the smoothness, shine and how soft it felt. It held a soft wave well when used with a blow-dryer and brush. LOTS of great ingredients. The consistency is deceptive, not too much product is needed, making this a very nice value. I am happy to find a nice styling product for winter. Good product for styles that need a bit of product to hold the look such as a French twist or braid, loose chignon or bun, or an up-do.


So now that it has been almost seasonably chilly for a whole three days now, I am rather jealous of my friends who are going on holiday to warmer climes. If you are headed off for a well deserved trip, it’s a great time to check out an excellent hair set we were set for review.

Number 4 Haircare Hydrating Holiday Jet Set

Number4HairCare Hydrating Jet Set comes with Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating conditioner, Super Comb Prep & Protect and Fleur de Temps Body Lotion and Mini Darlings plus L’eau de Mare Brush (specifically for wet hair).

Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Holiday Jet Set


There are many quality ingredients in the Number 4™ L’eau de Mare™ Hydrating Conditioner.  Some ingredients are commonly seen in small doses even in drugstore brands shampoos, but many of these ingredients are only found in higher-end products. Some notable ones that caught my eye:

  • Vitamin B5 for shine
  • Gooseberry Oil – one of the ingredients in their Liquid Purity complex cocktail – if you haven’t used a hair product with Gooseberry Oil in it, you are in for a treat. And if you have used Gooseberry Oil products in the past and can’t find a good one (such as all us fans of the discontinued Neil George Gooseberry Oil hair care line) – you will really like a shampoo with Gooseberry in it.
  • Jojoba – similar in structure to the hair, fills in tiny cracks in the hair and makes it smooth and not crunchy feeling
  • A bunch of good anti-aging ingredients.  Don’t just think of anti-aging ingredients if you are “over a certain age”, think of it as if your HAIR is LONG then it is OLD. If your hair is longer than your shoulder, and it grew that long at the average rate of half an inch a month, how old does that make the last few inches of your hair, plus all the abuse your hair has taken during that time with styling, flat irons, swimming, sun, chemicals, highlights and coloring. If your hair is long, it can use anti-aging ingredients.
  • Color protecting ingredients that are also good for scalp health. These include algae, soy, tea.
  • Hydrating and Strengthening Ingredients: such as Burdock Root, Oolong Tea, Irish Moss, and Vegetable Protein (Vegan).
  • There is also Silicone – smoothing to be sure, but FYI if you are attempting to avoid Cones of any kind.


Scent. Spa like scent, Fragrance Notes: Ylang Orchid, Jasmine, Vetiver and Patchouli. I really primarily smell Ylang Orchid, Jasmine, Vetiver and NOT the Patchouli once hair is dry.Very nice experience while lathering, hair is still scented when dry, but not so strongly as to compete with your chosen fragrances but noticeable when hair is in motion. Smells clean.


  1. There is a very nice, rich lather – very thick and full feeling.  The instructions say to wash twice, but my hair felt clean with one good head massage and wash, working up a nice lather throughout my hair.  (NOTE: I did NOT have styling product or hairspray in my hair before washing, if I did that might indeed require two washes)  The instructions indicate that if you want more lather; add more water not more product. A quality shampoo and conditioner like Number 4 Hydrating doesn’t require as much product as some shampoos and conditioners to get a good result. I advise using less shampoo and conditioner than you think you might need and adding more if necessary.  For example, I decanted just enough conditioner to apply to one side of my hair, then once I massaged it in it was really enough for both sides. I used it throughout my hair and left it in a few minutes. It absorbs nicely and washes out clean.  My hair is past the small of my waist but not hip length and it is a rather thick, so I tend to need more product than some to coat my hair. The bottles seem somewhat small, but based on how little is needed; it is a good deal and a nice size for travel without having to skimp on product use.

Even wet my hair felt different than usual after washing and conditioning, soft of “expanded”, full and strong feeling, not quite left with a “coating” of product per se, but the surface felt different, as if I already applied a leave-in product to smooth the surface. To find out what this affect was, I opted NOT to use any additional product while styling my hair.


After using the brush designed for wet hair that comes in the kit (which while my hair did NOT have tangles post conditioning, it is nice to have a brush that is gentle enough for wet hair, especially when you do have to detangle or comb through styling product) I did a quick rough dry – no real styling – and LOVED LOVED LOVED the shine and bounce.  Without any additional product my hair was soft with just a tiny bit of flyaway, but it is the first few days of real cold here in New England this week.  Not bad for no product added.  The bounce in my hair was a pleasant surprise since I am overdue for my regular trim, and they are pretty lifeless the week before a trim, so I will be remembering to use Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner the week before a trim to get some life back in dull ends.  The shine and bounce remained with hot roller styling.

The Fleur de Temps Body Lotion is a solid lotion, but the Patchouli scent was much stronger than in the shampoo and conditioner. If you work in a fragrance-free work environment, it might be a bit of a strong scent, but otherwise it is a lovely consistency of lotion.

And if you are headed off on vacation (and even if you aren’t) – the Super Comb Prep and Protect is a great UV/Color Polar Shield – don’t let the sun wreck your color! It also contains the Liquid Purity Complex so you will be conditioning your hair with that great Gooseberry Oil as you protect your hair. Nice multitasking combo.


  • Softness, bounce and swing
  • Nice lather, just a bit of product goes a long way.
  • Light scent once dry
  • My really dry ends that badly need a trim don’t look so dry
  • Hair color was not stripped or faded after use
  • The brush is incredibly gentle and far less hair is left in the bristles after brushing vs other high end brushes.

Find the Number 4 High Performance Hair Care Holiday Jet Set Pack at for $25.

After using Number 4 Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner and styled with Topganic Style & Go Moisturizing Cream with Keratin from Brazil

After using Number 4 Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner and styled with Topganic Style & Go Moisturizing Cream with Keratin from Brazil



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