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I am always a little hesitant to review weight loss products, but when the folks at Teami sent a sample of their Teami Skinny Tea and adorable infuser, I was pretty enthused. As a constant tea drinker for years, I know what is healthy and what isn’t when it comes to teas. Skinny Tea has an excellent blend of teas and natural ingredients that all work to aid in fat loss on their own, and together they work even better. First off – green tea gets a lot of press for fat burning, and with good reason. It boosts metabolism and gives the body more energy to burn. Teami Skinny Tea contains Yerba Mate, which is an excellent and tasty form of green tea. I was reading an article the other day that noted that polyphenols, one of the antioxidants in green tea, breaks down before it hits your bloodstream, but it stayed stable if you added a citrus like lemon or lime to your green tea. Teami Skinny Tea has Lime leaf extract in it, so that gives a more powerful boost of antioxidants. And antioxidants do the body a lot of good, but they also make your skin glow, so bonus points on that. I still added a squeeze of lime juice to my cup just for flavor, which smelled amazing.

Another (in my opinion, unsung hero) metabolism boosting tea variety is Oolong, which is the first listed ingredient. It works by burning fat, boosting metabolism, and blocking the fat-building enzyme. Oolong gets less press than green tea, likely because it isn’t as readily available, but I personally really love it, and it is a nice combo with the Yerba Mate. I did a quick check and several studies showed that oolong boosts your metabolism by up to 10% for two hours after drinking a cup. Which makes it a fantastic pre-workout drink for a little extra fat-burning boost.

The other ingredients are excellent and synergistic as well. Lotus Flower also has metabolism boosting properties (in addition to being a gorgeous flower.) Ginger root boosts metabolism – I love slicing up fresh ginger and simmering it for an anti-inflammatory and fat burning boost – and also acts as a diuretic, as does Dandelion Root.

Teami also makes a completely adorable tea infuser. Teami Teas are loose-leaf (which is a far superior quality of tea in general), so you need an infuser to steep your tea.It is sturdy, dishwasher safe, and will make you smile every time you look at it. I am impressed with how sturdy it is as well – many strainers let small pieces of tea into your brew, but I didn’t see any with the Teami Tea Infuser.

So just to sum up, no tea will burn fat if you sit on the couch and don’t eat right. But as part of a healthy lifestyle, Teami blends have quality ingredients that will boost your metabolism in a tasty way.

Find Teami Skinny Tea at Also, during October, they are offering an October Awareness Detox Pack, and all proceeds go to supporting Breast Cancer Awareness!


If you follow Style Chicks at all, you know that we love, love, love lip stains. So after reading an article about new and fantastic Korean beauty products, we were thrilled when Kurious Mall sent us their Kurious Lip Tattoo lip stains to try out.

Kurious Lip Tattoo isn’t your standard Lip Stain. The application process feels a whole lot more like a luxurious ritual than the usual 15 second application before I head out the door of other lip stains. Instead of just applying it like a lipgloss, like most lip stains, Lip Tattoo lets you take a breath in the morning and prepare yourself for the day, while adding a gorgeous color to your lips.

The application process is this: apply a thick layer of the product out of the tube (basically the look of a Juicy Tube). I thought this would be a huge mess and I’d have to use a cotton swab to clean up around the edges, but it goes on quite precisely, and any goofs are easily cleaned up with a dab of your finger. And when I say a thick layer, I mean a THICK LAYER. After that, sit back for five minutes and relax.

So, I hope I’ve built a decent amount of anticipation up as to what you do when five minutes is up. Get ready:

You. Peel. It. Off.

Yup, not only does Kurious Lip Tattoo give you gorgeous color all day (and I mean all day), it also serves as an exfoliating lip mask. You lips are smooth, supple, and stained.

Now the peel off process: just rub a bit at the edge of your lip and it will start peeling off easily. It won’t hurt at all, in fact you don’t feel anything – and I’ve used it when my lips are pretty raw.

After peeling off the application layer, you will need to decide if you want to add their absolutely fabulous lip gloss or go for a matte, lightly stained look. I’d recommend using the gloss, mainly because I absolutely adore the clear gloss. Despite looking incredibly glittery in the tube, it really just looks clear when applied, and has a lovely bubble gum scent. It is light and not at all sticky (and I field tested it on a very windy day to see if hair would stick to it – not a strand got stuck.) Even if you are timid on lip color, the gloss doesn’t make the look over the top, in fact, it just adds a glint to your smile.

As you will see in the 5 different colors in the slideshow below, the colors are great. Even Passion Orange seems to make teeth appear whiter, which is impressive. There appears to be a blue-base to all the colors, which is great. While picking a favorite is like picking a favorite child, I’ll say this: Foxy Red reminds me of my favorite, long discontinued Body Shop red lip stain that was basically “my lips but better.” So I’m thrilled to find a replacement. If you are looking for a daytime red, this is it.

Kurious Lip Tattoos are really impressive. Find them at for $18.00 in Foxy Red, Passion Orange, Sexy Pink, Shy Pink, and Vivid Wine.

And be sure to follow them on Twitter @KuriousMall for promotions! Currently they are running a special for 50% off Lip Tattoos which makes them an absolute steal!


Style Chicks has been covering advances in Hair Restoration for many years now. Back in 2008, we spoke with Doctor Paul J. McAndrews, a prominent advocate for women with hair loss. We thought in honor of Hair Loss Awareness Month, we would republish his comments.


Roy LichensteinThe Style Chicks are thrilled to have Doctor Paul J. McAndrews as a guest columnist today. Doctor McAndrews is a renown dermatologist who specializes in hair restoration. His technique, The McAndrews Method, blends artistry and surgical skill to restore hairlines that are natural looking and have the highest rate of hair follicle survival and growth. Hair loss is a growing issue for women – even young women. This can result from genetic predisposition, emotional stress, and yes, the toll that styling, coloring, and even hair extensions take on our scalps. The McAndrews Method is an exciting option for those looking for permanent hair restoration.


Here’s what Doctor McAndrews has to say when we asked him what makes a woman a good candidate for The McAndrews Method:

“To put it simply, expectations. The art and science of Hair Transplantation has improved dramatically in the last ten years. But with all of the technological advances that make the procedure virtually undetectable, the one constant throughout this evolution is that there is a fixed and limited amount of donor hair available to transplant into the thinning areas. Heredity hair loss – also called Androgenetic Alopecia or Female Patterned Hair Loss –affects 1 out of 4 women by the age of 50. While this is significantly less than men – sixty percent of men will have some level of hair loss by the age of 50 – it’s still a very troubling issue for those women affected. For some women, hair loss can become noticeable as early as their 20’s, but hair loss can start at any age and there is a wide range of hair loss patterns that can occur. Women may lose 50% or more of their hair density before it becomes visibly noticeable. Most women experience diffuse thinning across the top of the scalp, while others actually experience a receding hair line – similar to a man. Some women will have diffuse hair loss all over their entire scalp. I also work with women who have hair loss as a result of cosmetic surgery, such as facelifts and browlifts. When I evaluate a woman for hair transplant, the first thing I must determine is her hair restoration goals and expectations of what can be achieved. Because there is a limited amount of donor hair available, I have to be sure I use this hair as wisely as possible and The McAndrews Method assures this. For some women, there is just not enough donor hair to return the thinning areas to a satisfactory density which means they may still have a “thinning” look. And since there is a limit to the amount of density I can achieve in a single transplant session, the patient may need more than one procedure to reach their desired density. If your expectations are realistic and you understand the limitations to hair restoration, then you will be a good candidate for the McAndrews Method. It’s also important not to overlook the value of the medical therapies, in particular Rogaine®, in preventing hair loss and in some cases, regrowing hair. For more information, please visit or call (877) 424-7362.”


We’d like to thank Doctor McAndrews for sharing his expertise! Be sure to visit his website for more information on The McAndrews Method!

August is Hair Loss Awareness Month, and Lee is going to introduce us to one of the products she is using for her hair loss!

Well, I finally committed to using the Hairmax Laser Comb Professional 12 for the recommended full 16 weeks to see if it works for me. I have used it sporadically, but now I’m going to use it consistently. It’s been only two weeks since I’ve been using it, so it is too soon to expect any results, but based on what I’ve read, I’m very hopeful. It’s been very easy to incorporate into my routine and even get in extra treatments on occasion. Before laying down my cold hard cash, I read many user reviews and located online the company’s actual submission to the FDA for approval. It was both interesting and reassuring. In the pre-approval studies, the average increase in new hairs per square inch for the closest situation to mine was 129.In this case I will be more than happy to be “average” and the ease of use will make maintenance easy. I’ll keep you apprised of my results along the way! Find the Hairmax Lasercomb Professional 12 at for $495.

Hairmax Lasercomb Professional 12

Hairmax Lasercomb Professional 12



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