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Here at Style Chicks, we love a good spa day. And the only thing next to a good spa day at a spa is a good spa day at home. The spa-at-home experience would not be complete without soothing scents to match the warm, relaxed atmosphere. An easy way to add scent to the room without it being overkill is to add a few drops of essential oil to a diffuser. But a diffusing humidifier is not just for creating a soothing atmosphere or when you are sick, it is a tool to help combat dry winter skin.

A cold-air diffuser disperses a microfine mist of essential oils into the air, scenting the air for up to several hours. Diffusers are also used in medical settings: frequently in Europe and the UK, diffusers are used by hospitals to cleanse the air in a room. Diffusing capability can be a function of a humidifier device, such as the Anjou Diffusing Humidifier, which can be used with or without essential oils to add needed moisture to the air. Dry air can rob the skin and hair of needed moisture, especially while sleeping overnight in a room with forced air/heat.


Anjou oils come in a black presentation box with a pull out tab to reveal six 10 ml therapeutic grade essential oils. The oils are Sweet Orange, Lemongrass, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and PepperMint. These oils are pure and undiluted, and are for topical and diffuser/oil burner use only.

Sweet Orange is a relaxing aroma suitable for complimenting a spa-day massage. Known for its calming properties, Sweet Orange also can be used topically in a carrier oil as an anti-inflammatory, an antidepressant, an antiseptic, a diuretic and a sedative. Orange essential oil also blends well with essential oils of Cinnamon, Frankincense, Ginger, Black Pepper, and Sandal Wood if you are making a custom aroma blend. A drop or two can be added to a massage oil or lotion to address inflammation.

Lemongrass is highly antifungal and cleanses the air of cigarette smoke and pet odors.

Lavender is common in spa and beauty treatments and is known for its’ ability to help one relax, to quell headaches and help induce sleep.

Eucalyptus is an invigorating scent often associated with a taking a “steam” to open the pores and clear the sinuses. Eucalyptus is anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiviral, expectorant and anti-inflammatory. This is an especially good oil for use in a diffuser when one has a cold, flu or other respiratory problems to help ease a cough and clear the passageways. Just a tiny bit of the Eucalyptus oil does the trick in the diffuser, and the steam is cool yet soothing, especially to a sore throat.

Tea Tree Oil very helpful in cleansing the air and is antiviral.

PepperMint is an invigorating scent that helps lift the mood and deters the presence of pests and insects without harming pets. If your home has a distinct “pet” smell when you come home, Peppermint can address that.


For topical application, dilute essential oils with a carrier oil such as jojoba, argan, sweet almond or coconut oil. Just a few drops of essential oil is all that is needed to impart the scent within a carrier oil. This oil combination can be applied directly to the skin or added to a lotion base.

For use in a diffuser, just add a drop of the oil to the water after following the water fill instructions. I like the Anjou diffuser because it is small but holds enough water to meaningfully diffuse a space with scent, and it has an attractive wood look base that is suitable for many decors. I also like that it has rotating soothing colors that glow like a soft candle when it is turned on. There are setting options for length of time of use and it can be used for up to eight hours. There are safety features so it can be used overnight.

Diffusing is not just for an at home spa experience or to ease symptoms of congestion, it also helps reduce bacteria, fungus, mold and unpleasant odors in the home. It can help you relax, relieve tension, and help with some types of headaches.

If you are new to diffusing, don’t overdo it at first. If hospitals use diffusers to cleanse the air in a room, it is realistic to assume that diffusers can be a potent tool. Some people complain that being around a diffuser gives them a headache. This likely happens because they were exposed to too much too soon. The first few times, run it for only about 10-15 minutes and slowly build a tolerance. The scent will last in the air for several hours, so running a diffuser for about 20 minutes before your spa day treat will likely last throughout your at-home spa experience.

The timer settings on the Anjou Diffusing Humidifier are ideal for regular use once you build an initial tolerance. And the Anjou Diffusing Humidifier is a particular nice diffuser to own as it has a large 300ml water container while still being a relatively small item, it has an auto-shut off for when the water almost runs out, and it has timer options ranging from 1 to 6 hours. There is an ability to use the lighted feature to rotate between colors or select a light color or no colored light at all. It is a quiet item that will not disturb the relaxing mood during use.

It can of course, also be used without an essential oil like a humidifier if you just need some moisture in the air and at night, the option of a soft glow light, particularly useful on dry nights. If your skin gets dry in hotels or when traveling places with forced air, a humidifier is a necessary beauty tool to keep your skin moist and supple. My bedroom gets dry in the coldest part of the winter when the forced heat is on the highest, to date I have used a kids’ humidifier to counteract the dryness, but that sometimes made my bedroom too humid. So I was happy to find this discrete humidifier that has controlled settings to leave it on for a few hours at a time, just long enough to battle the dry air and save my skin from feeling raw in the morning.

As to the diffuser itself, how long a diffuser might last is heavily dependent on the quality of what makes it ultrasonically diffuse: the electric piazo piece. The Anjou diffuser has a pretty solid unit that can last for a long time, but it must be wiped clean when the water runs out, or when oils have been used in order to keep gunk out of the piece. When not in use for more than a day or so, remember to empty any remaining water out of the base and wipe it down.

This diffuser and essential oil set come in very nice gift package presentation, which makes it a nice gift item.

Find the oils and the diffuser at:

Oils at

Diffuser at

Anjou Essential Oils Kit and Diffusing Humidifier

Anjou Essential Oils Kit and Diffusing Humidifier


Anjou Essential Oils Kit and Diffusing Humidifier


Anjou Essential Oils Kit and Diffusing Humidifier


I received this product in exchange for my unbiased review and I was compensated for my time and effort, however, my experience with the product and the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine.

This is a functional yet attractive piece, it hold 40oz and comes with a warmer that looks like a zippered sweater for a teapot to keep the tea warm and to make it portable.

This is suitable for personal at-home use, at the office and attractive for entertaining as it has the capacity to serve tea to five or six guests. The pot is glass and the lid and built-in strainer components are a rust-free stainless steel. The design of the strainer fitting into a funnel-shaped holder keeps loose tea leaves out of the water and allows the loose tea leaves plenty of room to unfurl and brew. I like using this with some of my loose teas that have dried fruit pieces in them because it allows plenty of room for them to expand and infuse the tea with flavor.

The stainless steel portion of the lid and strainer and funnel-shaped strainer base can be easily removed, and the glass container itself can be microwaved to reheat the tea, but delicate tea such as whites, oolong, and some greens, it may be preferable to just keep it warm with the cozy so as not to make the tea bitter with a re-heating. It is also convenient to be able to easily remove the strainer after brewing delicate teas such as some whites that only brew for a minute or two.

The only issue I am concerned about is how fragile the glass is so I will be keeping the zippered warmer cozy on the teapot itself most of the time. Makes for a nice gift for a tea lover.

Find it at

Willow & Everett Glass Teapot Infuser Warmer

Willow & Everett Glass Teapot Infuser Warmer


Willow & Everett Glass Teapot Infuser Warmer

Willow & Everett Glass Teapot Infuser Warmer


Willow & Everett Glass Teapot Infuser Warmer

Willow & Everett Glass Teapot Infuser Warmer


Willow & Everett Glass Teapot Infuser Warmer

Willow & Everett Glass Teapot Infuser Warmer


I received this item for testing and review purposes. If you have any questions about my experience with the product, leave a comment in the box below!

We’re continuing our series on tips for starting your new beauty, lifestyle, and/or fashion blog. Hopefully now you have firmly in mind your vision for your blog and your future goals. Now it’s time to get started!

So…what’s the first step in getting started?

If you want a lively, successful blog, it is likely that sooner or later you will have to take on a team. Writing articles, scheduling, taking photographs – it is a lot of work and your strengths may not play to all of those points. Figure out who you want your team to be. Do you want to take on staff? Do you want to work with friends? Either way, you are going to need a way to collaborate with your team members.

After having tried many Team Management software programs and apps over the years, I learned about and have come to really like ProjectPlace. It allows you to break down each series, article, promotion, etc. into steps and it lets your team know who is responsible for what and when the deadline is.

There are several nice features about ProjectPlace. The main one is the flexibility. It provides you with a framework of core Team Management action items. You can take that framework and use it however is best for your team. Let’s take a look at some of the features to better explain what that means:

My Overview

This is one of my favorite features. When you are working with a team, ultimately you only care about what YOU have to do. Yes, you want to see the whole project succeed, but if you have built a great team that you trust, then you only have to worry about your portion of the work. When you log into ProjectPlace, the first tab that opens is My Overview. This is the screen that tells you what you need to do right now, what is pending, and what your future projects are. The left side of the screen has two tabs: My Work and Done. My Work lets you organize your time: what you need to do today, what you are doing tomorrow, and what you are doing later. You can add tasks, add details, make notes about your progress, or jot down ideas for something you have to do tomorrow. And then there is the blissful moment that you move things to your Done tab, and it is off your list!
My Projects takes up the right side of the screen. It allows you to break down projects into an extremely detailed plan. This is where you assign team members to tasks and check in on progress. You can change details at any time: perhaps an article took on a different angle, a deadline shifted, or you have to shuffle responsibilities between people. This is easy to do. If you are like me and you are always feeling like you forgot something, My Projects is fantastic because it lets you break down a project into such finite detail that any forgotten detail becomes obvious. It will be a real weight off of your mind.

Pending Projects

Running an active blog means planning not just days but months ahead. This is why “Pending Projects” is a great tool. It is the tab located next to My Overview and it contains all the projects you are juggling at once. If you make full use of this great tool, you will have enough projects in there that you will have to use the search feature, and I found that it is excellent for finding projects easily. It is also nice that you can form ideas slowly before assigning people or deadlines. As soon as you come up with an idea, start flushing it out and it will come together quicker than you think. It really is nice to take a look at your blossoming idea and realize it is ready to be turned into a fully formed project.


This is where you monitor the whole of a project. It allows you to see your progress in a highly visual way that isn’t inundating, breaking down projects into small, easy to digest tasks. It also gives an overview of what has been done already, thus giving you a quick sense of where you are in the stream of the project, all at a glance.


If you are assigned a new task or someone else has finished the task before yours, you get a nice little notification up in the right hand corner of the screen. Easy and manageable.

Does all this sound complicated? It really isn’t. In fact, ProjectPlace makes it incredibly simple, and if for some reason you are still stuck, it has little bubbles on the screen that take you through what each section does until you get the hang of it, which will be fast.

I highly recommend ProjectPlace if you decide to work with a team from the beginning of your blog. It also gives you the ability to work with a team that is scattered all over. Have a friend in Paris who is an amazing photographer? No reason to not work with her because she can’t meet you for coffee to plan a project! Even if you are just working by yourself, it makes successful blogging far more manageable and less daunting, which is a huge key to sustaining a blog long term.

ProjectPlace offers a free 14 day trial to get you started, and I’m sure you will be hooked as quick as I was! Sign up at!

I received access to ProjectPlace in exchange for testing and my unbiased review and I was compensated for my time and effort, however, my experience with the product and the opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine.

This is a protectant for use with hot styling tools and for generally heat/humid weather that might damage hair.


SCENT: Nutty scent when sprayed on, less detectable on dry-down

APPLICATION: Don’t use too much, only a light spray and not on the scalp, focus on the length and the frail ends. If you apply close to your scalp your hair may look greasy (unless your hair is very dry/damaged)

WHEN HEAT IS APPLIED: It does not clump, flake or get sticky when used with a hot iron.

DRY-DOWN: Slightly stiff, but not as stiff as hair spray or a spray gel. Does not flake or make hair seem dry, greasy or dull, but so far it doesn’t really seem to add any shine to my hair. Not sticky like other hot iron protectant sprays such as CHI. Hair looks soft and feels mostly soft to the touch, but I can tell there is a product in my hair, but it feels fuller and thick, not weighed down and oily.

HOLD: There is not a styling hold to the product, it is a protectant that is useful with or without heat styling.

I have long, dry, colored, unruly hair that is curly in some places and straight in others. To make my hair uniformly curly I use hot rollers, to make it straight I use an InStyler hot iron brush. Each requires some sort of protectant spray during styling. The CHI protectant spray that came with my flat iron is sticky and the scent is too strong for me even after it is dry. The CHI spray also was heavy and left my freshly washed hair looking an oily in spots like my hair needed a wash.

I personally am not that fond of the scent of Argan, but it is really not detectable once it dries and it is not sticky when I use it like some other hot tool protectant sprays. It also contains Sunflower Oil, which is a wonderful conditioning agent for hair, Vitamin B5 and Castor Oil which are found to help regrow hair and make hair seem lusher and full. Being able to use a conditioning protectant spray is a big perk for me knowing that I can condition my hair while it is styled instead of damaging it or drying it out with heavy chemicals. Argan Oil has become very popular in hair care due to its ability to stimulate the follicles and condition dry, frail hair ends.

Don’t use too much. There is not a need to saturate the hair, apply it and comb it through, maybe a bit of extra on the ends if needed. If you are using this on hair that is already dry, you need very little. I don’t apply it to my scalp because if I flat-iron my hair I want it to last a few days without another washing, and these types of products can make hair seem to need a wash faster than normal. I focus on the parts of my hair that need protection.

CONCLUSION: I like it. I am glad to find a conditioning protectant, a little goes a long way, my hair does not feel sticky after use. It did not make my hair seem shinier than normal, but that might just be the condition of my hair. I would recommend not using it near the scalp if you have oily hair as it might make your hair look greasy/dirty very quickly.

Find it at

 Argan Oil Thermal Protector

Argan Oil Thermal Protector

I received this item for testing and review purposes. If you have any questions about my experience with the product, leave a comment in the box below and I’ll get back to you!

This is a piece that looks more expensive when it is worn than it does in the photos. Not a dupe for a Harry Winston diamond necklace by any means, but it does resemble a nice vintage piece as the stones are faceted to reflect a very nice sparkle and it is a vintage style pattern. I got the JM014 style because I thought it had a nice art deco type look and would really give a simple line dress some sparkle.

This is a collar style choker necklace and I like that the pieces are chunked as seen in the advertising photo so that it has better movement and is more comfortable to move around while wearing it than many collar necklaces that don’t have much give to them. When the necklace is actually worn, though, these pieces lay flat on the neck. The brass clasp is secure and snaps shut with a click. The widest part of the necklace is about 1.34″ inches. The size of the rhinestones varies within the pattern which is attractive. I have not had any skin reactions to the base metal used on the back of the necklace.

Upon arrival, one stone had become loose but it was in the box and it easily glued back into place with a tiny dot of crazy glue. So I would recommend checking the necklace before wearing it to make sure that all the stones are secure. The stones were otherwise secure and the back of the necklace is well made, but I did take a star off for this issue because I would be reluctant to give this as a gift without fully inspecting the piece first, and I intend on inspecting the necklace to check for loose stones before each future wearing. I do intend on using and enjoying it, though.

Of note, these are not actual rhinestones, they are faceted acrylic fashioned to look like rhinestones, and they fooled me. That surprises me since I have several modern and vintage rhinestone jewelry pieces, and I REALLY didn’t know they were acrylic until I re-read the item description. I didn’t even realize it wasn’t real rhinestones when I held that rhinestone to glue it back in. But this is a good idea because the necklace is much lighter with the acrylic which does make it easier to wear.

The gift box is attractive and holds the necklace well. With the proviso to inspect for loose stones before giving it as a gift, this would indeed make a nice gift for prom or bridesmaids or a vintage jewelry lover. It really does appear to be a more expensive piece, this is a nice deal.

Find it at

IDGIRL Jewelry Crystal Vintage Collar Choker necklace2 necklace3 necklace6


I received this necklace for testing and review purposes. If you have any questions about the piece, let me know in the comment box below!

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