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Brooklyn Botany Tea Tree Oil

This Brooklyn Botany Tea Tree Oil is a good deal for a therapeutic grade Tea Tree Oil. Well known for its’ antiseptic, antibacterial, antivirus properties, as well as having a scent that repels mosquitos, Tea Tree Oil also has several beauty and health applications that make it a powerful multi-tasker in your beauty arsenal. ABOUT BROOKLYN BOTANY TEA TREE OIL This Ultra Pure Essential Oil is...[Read More]

Tidalpool Portable Electric Clothes Dryer

Ever want to wear a specific item of clothing only to realize it is laying in the dirty laundry hamper? If you want to wash, dry and wear it ASAP, a fast way to dry it with little to no ironing is using the Tidalpool Portable dryer. This dryer is also very useful for drying delicate items on clothing. The especially useful feature of the Tidalpool Portable dryer is the UV light to kill harmful bac...[Read More]

WODshop Self Care Massage Ball Kit of 2 Balls

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise: wearing heels day in and day out is a workout. Yes, wearing heels on a regular basis isn’t the greatest thing for your feet/ankles/legs/back. But for the tried and true stiletto wearers out there, getting some mid-day relief can both feel better and ease the strain on your body. This is one of the reasons I love WODshop Self Care Massage Ball Kit. W...[Read More]

Oak Leaf Two-sided Tabletop Swivel Makeup Mirror

The perfect vanity table: the unattainable goal. A vital component to any vanity table is the tabletop swivel mirror. But not just any mirror. It must be a true and clear reflection. It must have a regular side for makeup application and a magnifying side for eyebrow tweezing and other close-ups. And ideally, it should look aesthetically pleasing on your vanity table. Modern, sleek, stylish and cl...[Read More]

InstaNaturals Dual Phase Mattifying Toner

I started dealing with the issue of excess oil years ago as a teen. At fourteen, on a family trip to Florida, my aunt noticed and shared an expensive commercial mask that worked for her but it didn’t do the trick for me. Over time I tried an untold number of dedicated products, alternate use products and even do-it-yourself home formula suggestions designed to hold back the oily tide but experienc...[Read More]

Gifting: 24K Gold Plated Happy Anniversary Inscribed Double Heart Ornament with Crystals by Matashi®

It is the season for weddings, which also means it is the season for anniversaries and lots of them. I like having a few presents on hand for unexpected gift giving occasions, parties or anniversary gifting obligations that I forget about until the last minute. This Matashi Ornament makes for a great gift because it is a modern twist on a classic design idea. I like this type of gift item because ...[Read More]

I Max Age Spot Reducer & Preventer

SUMMARY: I-Max spot reducer takes longer to fade a brown spot or acne scar because it is addressing hyperpigmentation and using stem cells & peptides to assist in the generation of new regular pigment skin cells. This cream is not just bleaching the spot, like some spot correctors. Bleaching works but can give uneven results, particularly on any skin tone is that not fair. The I-Max Spot Reduc...[Read More]

Lift Care Vitamin C L-Ascorbic Acid Serum

An L-Ascorbic Vitamin C is the freshest and most powerful C you can get in serum. When I first saw that it was only 10%, I thought it might be less effective than many of the 20% Vitamin C serums commercially available. But since it an L-Ascorbic Acid variety of vitamin C, it is a more potent antioxidant and when paired with other specific ingredients as those which are seen in this serum, and can...[Read More]

Brooklyn Botany Vitamin C Serum

I like that this serum is an L-Ascorbic Vitamin C, which is a much more potent, powerful version of Vitamin C than what is typically found in most Vitamin C serums. It is not a Vitamin C derivative, it is pure C, and as such, it can lose its’ freshness and potency quickly, which is why it is not found in many serums due to its’ limited shelf life. This serum has a special blend to pres...[Read More]

ZIPIT Shell Backpack

Summer means destination weddings and weekends away. And I’m always scratching my head on how to carry my beauty gadgets safely without them getting bumped around in a cloth bag or stuck in the hot trunk of the car. So I am thrilled to find the ZIPIT Shell Backpack. While the backpack itself is lightweight, it has a hard shell outside to it, which makes it perfect for protecting expensive to...[Read More]

I Max 15% Trichloroacetic Acid Serum-Deep Chemical Peel

Don’t be fooled by the comparatively low percentage on this Serum compared to other serums; 15% Trichloroacetic Acid is still a deep chemical peel and as such, it is very potent and should be diluted with distilled water before use and only left on the skin for a few minutes. It is, however, very effective when used multiple times a month or even bi-weekly, so be assured that even if you ove...[Read More]

Infinity Instruments The Arcadian 31 Inch Rustic Wall Clock

A well-made, common element, when found in an expected shape, form, or size can lend character to the decor of an otherwise classic or traditionally designed space. That is why I liked this Infinity Instruments Arcadian oversized clock. At 31 inches, it holds the design weight of focal point pieces, such as a colorful mid-size painting. As such, the clock can be used above a couch or headboard, or...[Read More]

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