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My lips have been a bit wrinkly since I was 5. In pictures from a Disney World trip when I was 3, my lips were lineless and vibrantly red. I must have pursed my lips a LOT between the ages of 3 and 5.

That’s why I love Miracle Skin Transformer Lip Rewind Advanced Peptide Lip Treatment SPF20. It smoothes my lips and makes them incredibly soft and defined. I am really impressed with how plump it made my lips without stinging like a lot of lip plumpers. Just smooth and soothing. I tried it in Pink, which is a great everyday summer color.

Find Miracle Skin Transformer Lip Rewind Advanced Peptide Lip Treatment SPF20 at

Miracle Skin Transformer Lip Rewind

Miracle Skin Transformer Lip Rewind in Pink

As more public places are anti-fragrance, it is difficult to find a hairspray that is suitable for the office. Clinique, long-known for products suitable for those with sensitive skin and eyes, has a hairspray that manages to simultaneously pull off the five following beauty feats:
1) Unscented . And when I say unscented, I mean not just devoid of a perfume-y top note scent masking the noxious smell of hairspray or alcohol, it is impressively devoid of detectible scent or odor in the bottle or when sprayed on my hair.

2) Non-Aerosol. Irritating to the eyes and banned from many offices, aerosols are just not an option for some situations.

3) A fine mist. My primary gripe against most non-aerosol hairsprays is when it sprays, it is in uneven spurts that completely miss some areas and soak others. This is a light, even coverage.

4) Hold without buildup. A light to medium hold you can still brush through and not get gunky flakes or clumps of hair and stringy pieces. When combed out, hair looks like normal, clean hair, not dull, post-style stringiness.

5) Hair is touchable after use. Not crunchy. Big bonus.

Like a covert beauty weapon, Clinique Non-Aerosol is my go-to hairspray for when I am not *SUPPOSED* to be wearing hairspray – like to the office, for outside events like picnics, or other low-key events.

I can’t say this would be my hairspray for a big event or night out, or if I was looking to tease in volume for a high pony tail or updo. For these styles a different spray would likely give longer and stronger hold. I also did not feel it particularly added any shine (or dullness as some sprays can do), but I suppose that is part of not being very detectible.

SUMMARY: Good go-to hairspray for the office or activities you are supposed to look polished and presentable, but not “done-up”. REALLY no scent.

Clinique Non-Aerosol Hairspray is available at:
·         Macy’s
·         Nordstrom
Clinique Non Aerosol Hairspray

Clinique Non Aerosol Hairspray

I’ve been lusting after the Rarities: Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie Windsor Pearl by Imperial and Diamond Sterling Silver Ring for a few weeks now. Of course, lusting after Carol Brodie jewelry isn’t hard – she was a designer for Harry Winston before she launched her own line. A gorgeous pearl, a diamond encrusted setting, it’s hard to not picture it on your hand.

Rarities Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie Windsor Pearl by Imperial and Diamond Sterling Silver Ring

Rarities Fine Jewelry with Carol Brodie Windsor Pearl by Imperial and Diamond Sterling Silver Ring



But if your budget is a little tighter than that, take a look at Josh Bazar’s Imperial Pearls 11-12mm Cultured Freshwater Pearl and White Topaz Sterling Silver Heart Ring – a lovely, affordable option for everyday use.

Imperial Pearls by Josh Bazar Imperial Pearls 11-12mm Cultured Freshwater Pearl and White Topaz Sterling Silver Heart Ring.png

Imperial Pearls by Josh Bazar Imperial Pearls 11-12mm Cultured Freshwater Pearl and White Topaz Sterling Silver Heart Ring

As soon as I heard about Urban Decay’s Mascara Resurrection, I was talking about it all the time. By the end of the day at work, my mascara tends to be dry and clumpy and I was really excited about a product that could, well, resurrect my mascara to it’s morning freshness.

I view this in the Apple Watch category of products: great concept, and hopefully will be improved in the future.

I picked it up as soon as it was released at Sephora and tried it out the next day after work. While I spent the time in the morning to separate my lashes, they had clumped a bit by the end of the day. So I was pretty game to try Mascara Resurrection.

It’s a good product, but I found a couple of issues that keeps it from being a fantastic product.

First issue is the wand. For mascara or lash treatment products, a curved wand is usually a good thing. With Mascara Resurrection, the product tends to cling to either end of the curve and does not catch in the middle of the curve. While the product is described as a liquid, it is more of a glycerine-y gel (glycerin is the third ingredient.) So instead of using the wand horizontally and catching the full lash fringe, I had to use the wand vertically, which isn’t terribly functional for the purpose, and the product ended up distributing in globs on my lashes instead of evenly. When I tried it with straight disposable wand, it distributed evenly and did the job. So I hope Urban Decay includes a wand with a straight brush in the future to take advantage of the consistency of the formula.

My second issue really comes down to expectations. I guess I expected Mascara Resurrection to dissolve clumps with ease, but that is really the province of eye makeup remover, not a “freshen up” product. While clumps do dissolve with some brushing, they also get flakey if you aren’t thorough about removal. It didn’t refresh the mascara I had on, but rather provided a clean, silky base for me to reapply mascara without having to take my eye makeup completely off.

So those are my issues with Mascara Resurrection. If you go in armed with said facts, you’ll have more appreciation for what is a good product. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s move on to the good.

I like the fact that Mascara Resurrection allows me to brush out dried clumps and have a new base for mascara without disturbing my other eye makeup. If my eyeliner and concealer are still looking good, I’d rather just freshen up my lashes without starting over. Just make sure that you remove all the loosened mascara or else it will flake off onto your under eye.

It is also great to use to change the consistency of your mascara. I never have been particularly fond of high-gloss mascaras, but Mascara Resurrection provides the right balance of “sparkle in your eye” shine without looking wet. It also provides the right level of malleability to be able to safely recurl your lashes during the day, which is great.

We tend to only review products that really excite us on Style Chicks, so this might seem like a lot of negative for one of our reviews. The thing is, though, this product still excites me since Urban Decay tends to improve their packaging etc over time. So Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection is still a product I recommend – just make sure to get used to it before you bring it with you to a photo-op event, which as you know, is anywhere and everywhere these days.

Find Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection at for $16.00.


Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection

Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection




Here at Style Chicks HQ, beauty splurges can be justified most of the time, but here are a few that we’d recommend, and a few that we want ourselves!

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