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1000 Hour Compact Hands-Free Makeup Mirror

When applying makeup that requires using both hands, such as one hand to hold the skin taut and the other to apply, such as with liquid eyeliner or applying false lashes, an angled mirror is very helpful. A hand held mirror or compact has an advantage over an upright mounted mirror such as a bathroom cabinet mirror because it can be positioned to look downwards into the mirror. The problem is gett...[Read More]

Moth-Avenger Old Cinnamomun Camphora Root Block

These Moth-Avenger Old Cinnamomun Camphora Root Blocks are a great investment if you own expensive wool coats, clothing, and rugs. They can provide extended moth proof protection without chemicals or frequent reapplication. And if you ever had a favorite item of clothing ruined by moths, the name Moth-Avenger feels very appropriate. ABOUT CLOTHES MOTHS Tineola bisselliella, better known as the com...[Read More]

Lift Care Lift Wand Pro

I’ve been on a beauty gadget binge lately. I was impressed by the other gadgets I have tried from Lift Care, so I am happy to have tried their flagship product, the Lift Wand Pro. The Lift Wand Pro is a very powerful gadget. It is a high-frequency tool to clarify and refine the skin. After having used it a few times, I am thrilled with the results. This tool treats a broad range of beauty wo...[Read More]

Sela Fitness Total Core Ab Workout Machine

OVERVIEW: This machine is sturdy but easy to lift. There are several exercises that are possible with this unit. Workout program videos available on the website and YouTube. The resistance level is adjustable. Easy to store. Good value. WHY I NEED A HOME EXERCISE MACHINE When I am in Grad School, I have ready access to my amazing college gym and keep up a good exercise schedule. When I am home on ...[Read More]

intelliARMOR 5A 4-Port USB Ultra Fast Portable Wall Charger w/ intelliSMART Technology

So you just splurged on a new Clarisonic, LED light therapy device, Epilator, or massaging facial brush cleansing system. Congratulations! Most of these devices require an initial charging for 8-16 hours before the first use. Notice something unusual about your new beauty tool? Many of these beauty devices now charge with USB ports instead of the traditional electric plug. This is a handy advent, ...[Read More]

Startonight Wall Art Canvas Maple Tree

Our office recently underwent renovations, and I had to clear out all of my decor so it didn’t get damaged. It seemed a good a time as any to redecorate, so I will be talking a bit about some office decor ideas here. I was thrilled to find a lovely piece of art in the Startonight Wall Art Canvas Maple Tree. I picked this piece because it reminded me of the front yard of my childhood home. We...[Read More]

Joyal Beauty Organic Retinol for Face and Eyes

I hadn’t heard of this brand before, so I didn’t know what to expect. But it had several quality ingredients that I like to see in my skin care products, so I thought it was worth giving a try, and I am glad I did. I usually respond well to Retinols, but the supporting active ingredients used in tandem with the Retinol itself make a big difference for me as to whether or not I find a p...[Read More]

Valentia Skin Care Even Glow Serum

WHY USE TOPICAL VITAMIN C? Vitamin C Serum is a must-have anti-aging skin care product because it enables the production of collagen, a vital building block of skin that gives skin its’ support. Without adequate collagen supplies, the skin begins to sag, wrinkle and look dull. The body produces less collagen as we age, so the more collagen one can produce the better. Vitamin C also fades dis...[Read More]

Rejuven Light LED Light Therapy

LED based Light therapy has successively been used in dermatologist and medical spas for years for several skin care treatments including the treatment of acne and rosacea, reducing inflammation and wrinkles, and the production of collagen. While there have been some light therapy devices available for at-home use, they tend to be not very powerful, or they are very expensive. So I was excited to ...[Read More]

Rejuven Skin 5-in-1 Ultra Skin Rejuvenator

Have you ever discovered a beauty product that is so effective that it corrects problems you didn’t even know you had? That is what happened to me when I started using the Rejuven Skin 5-in-1 Ultra Skin Rejuvenator. I adore beauty gadgets, but for me to use them for the long term they need to deliver results. The 5-in-1 Ultra Skin Rejuvenator delivers astonishing results and does so quickly....[Read More]

F. Steen Men's Watch

I’ve always liked large-faced watches as it provides a nice contrast to my tiny girl wrist. So on occasion, I find myself shopping in the men’s watch section to find a watch with a face that covers the entire top of my wrist. I really like this one from F. Steen. The face is simple, minimalistic, and gorgeous. I paired it with a fitted Ralph Lauren blazer, and it looked fantastic. The ...[Read More]

Zity Women's Yoga Pants Active Running Workout Fitness Leggings

My gym is at a college where I do some research, so I often run into colleagues when I’m working out. So while I want to be comfortable during my workout, I still want to look professional. Zity Women’s Yoga Pants Active Running Workout Fitness Leggings are perfect for a sharp workout look. The pants are so incredibly soft. Considering they are 92% cotton and 8% spandex, I was expectin...[Read More]

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