Are you new to using foundation? Interested in the elusive flawless “airbrush” look that models have? Want to have that kind of look everyday? You might be interested in the Stream Airbrush System.

As much as I love makeup, I’m not a fan of heavy makeup. So when it comes to foundation, I’d really rather have a weightless feel and light coverage. I’m not looking to cover, just give my skin a little edge. That’s a bit difficult with standard foundation, especially for very fair skin. That’s where airbrush makeup comes in. When the lovely Lisa sent me a Stream Airbrush System to review, we were all excited to test this new option in the consumer airbrush market.

Stream Airbrush System

Stream Airbrush System

If you aren’t familiar with airbrush makeup, here’s a quick rundown: instead of applying makeup with sponges or brushes, you put a few drops of liquid makeup into a small “cup” on a pen shaped stylus (usually, as is the case with the Stream Cosmetics line, there are specialized formulation to work with the system, eg waterbased or silicone based product), then you pull a lever back to release a stream of makeup that is distributed gently onto your skin (and evenly, if done correctly) in a light layer.

The Stream Airbrush System is a great airbrush system for those new to airbrush makeup since it is so intuitive. Once you watch a short instructional DVD, you are ready to get started. The first step is choosing which foundation is right for you out of the color range included in the kit. I’d recommend experimenting with this part. I was a bit skeptical that even the lightest shade would be a good match to my skin, but since it is such a fine mist of makeup that goes on the skin, it was a great match. It’s like nail polish or lipstick – for good or bad, it never is as intense on as it looks in the container. On my first trial, I put on two coats of foundation and it looked pretty good. I really like how much my eyes stand out when my skin is evened out with the airbrushed look – the foundation even did a great job covering the dark circles under my eyes!

Before applying the foundation, I’d highly recommend using the moisturizing primer first. It adds a dewy look to the skin, and the foundation applies in a far more natural way. I tried the system both with and without applying the primer first, and it definitely looks better with the primer. I thought since I was wearing a moisturizing sunscreen underneath that a moisturizing primer would be redundant, but it really serves a different purpose and doesn’t leave the skin too wet if you have a hydrating product on underneath.

The Stream Extreme™ Airbrush Cosmetics System kit includes the following:

  • Professional multi-speed airbrush system
  • Airbrush Cosmetics Starter Kit (4 Foundation Shades in your choice of Fair, Medium, or Dark, a Primer, a Bronzer, a Pearlizer/Highlighter, and a Blush)
  • Cute Gold Travel/storage bag
  • 110/220 AC power source (a battery pack is available separately)
  • Airbrush Stylus
  • Training DVD

But the Stream Airbrush System does far more than just foundation – this week we’ll be talking about blush, concealer, highlighting, contouring, and more!

But if you are ready to give the system a try, check it out at Lisa’s page at!

Here’s a quick youtube tutorial on the Stream Airbrush System:

(of note: like any other review you see on Style Chicks, we’re not affiliated with the company, we are just sharing a great product with you! We do not profit from the sale of this product)

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